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Santina Coin Jewellery – Trademark Coin Necklaces & Coin Bracelets

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Since starting Santina Jewellery all those years ago. I have had one primary goal to provide Santina followers with beautiful, quality pieces at affordable prices ~ and along the way I wanted to enjoy this journey.

Coin Jewellery is part of our trademark collection and we are always looking to expand our range, whether that be in Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings or Rings.

All our coin jewellery are made from zinc and is electroplated to ensure durability and longevity of each product. This also means it won’t easily tarnish likes some of the cheaper products on the market.

If you have any questions about any of our coin jewellery, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I’ve provided a link below to some of our most popular designs, i invite you to take a look and if interested, many of these pieces are currently on sale.

Have a wonderful day! Santina x

Rose Gold Coin Necklace



Silver Coin Necklace


Yellow Coin Necklace

yellow coin

Silver Coin Bangle

silver coin bangle

Rose Gold Coin Bracelet

rose gold bracelet w rose gold coin

Santina Winter Luxe Gift Box – 4 Items (Value of $130+) Only $69.95

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At Santina we’re always trying to offer customers more for less, so we’ve put together a deal which hopefully all of you will like as much as I and some of our loyal customers (thank you guys xx) have over the last few weeks.

The deal includes 4 items, 1 Geometric Clutch, 1 Acrylic Cashmere Scarf, 1 pair of Sphere Earrings & 1 Silver Chain Necklace with Silver Coin all for $69.95, standard value would usually be $130+.

If you would like a different combination of Jewellery please drop us a mail and we will try accommodate your request.

Have a lovely day, Santina xo

Buy Santina’s Winter Luxe Gift Box Here ——- > Yes please :)

Geometric Clutch

silver clutch


Acrylic Cashmere Pink and Grey Scarf

acrylic scarf

Sphere Earrings

sphere drops


Silver Chain Necklace with Silver Coin



Buy Santina’s Winter Luxe Gift Box Here ——- > Yes please :)


August 2016 – SALE 20% OFF all items – Coin Jewellery, Charm Jewellery, Cross Earrings and a lot more…

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SALE 20% off all items when you use the coupon August today. If you fancy and purchase any of these gorgeous items or any other Santina Jewellery piece we will also give you free, a choice of any item from our website which retails up to $20.

Get in contact today, we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Have a nice day! Santina.

Fob Chain Necklace with Silver Coin


Eloquence Cross Earrings


Bohemia Rosegold Coin Bangle


Happy 2016!!!

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Welcome everyone ! Wishing you all a happy and eventful 2016!!

Take inspiration from everyday, every thought and every moment. Life is a gift and should be lived to the fullest. Enjoy life’s adventures and ensure that you do the things that you planned to do and never got around too!! Break the rules, love more and laugh lots!

Thankyou for following my journey.. I have lots in plan this year and can’t wait to share it with you all..

Until then, be magnificent and be YOU!!

Santina x



Style and Inspiration!!

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Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”  – Rachel Zoe.
Love this quote. !!

Adding your own style and glamour to your own outfit is easy with our jewellery lines!!  Whether it’s from office to evening, our current style will enhance your outfit in an instant.

Pair our statement necklace in rose gold with our chunky cuff bangle set with killer strappy heels for an instant fearless look!!

Remember to always have fun with your style.

Santina xx


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